living in arizonaHousing prices are rising all over the country. Between that, shifting populations, changing weather, and rising traffic, many of us find ourselves on the move.

Some of us have specific places in mind for friends, family, jobs, and medical care, among other factors. For a lot of folks, though, we just need to get out of our current situations and go—but to where?

Living in Arizona is increasingly popular, and it just might be the perfect place for you. Read on for more information about what it's like to live in Arizona in 2020.

Is Arizona A Good Place To Live?

When searching for a new home base, the first question on anyone's mind is, of course, whether or not it's a good place to live.

So, you're looking at Arizona. Everyone knows the basics: heat, desert, cacti, reptiles. But those are just a few of the things that make Arizona special!

Here's why Arizona is a great place to live.

The Great Outdoors

Does Arizona's desert environment feel like a given? That may already be the popular perception of the state—but it's one thing to say that Arizona is a desert state, and another to experience it.

For nature-lovers, Arizona's landscape and unique desert wildlife are huge draws. Hiking conditions are optimal all year long, so moving to Arizona is the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and get fit!

Rich Arizona Culture

Arizona might be covered in deserts, but it's far from deserted. 

When coming to Arizona, you quickly find yourself surrounded by a colorful, blended culture. The well-known settler cowboy culture is, of course, common. You are in the wild, wild West, after all! 

On top of that, traditional cultural influence comes from Mexican and Latino populations, and particularly from the many tribes indigenous to Arizona, such as the Hopi and Navajo nations.

The state's culture is certainly unique, and you'll learn a lot of history by moving there!

The Best Places To Live In Arizona

Are you wondering where to live in Arizona? The biggest cities, Phoenix and Tuscon, are great places to live, but real estate prices there are rising as people flock from other parts of the country. All the newcomers mean that traffic is getting a lot worse, too.

But are there easy alternatives? Yes, there are!

Unlike in some other western states like Montana and Oregon, you aren't stuck between tiny little towns in the middle of nowhere and a couple of big cities. Instead, Arizona has a good number of cities and towns from huge to tiny to explore. Smaller places to live in Arizona include available houses in Yuma, Tempe, and Chandler. 

Planning On Living In Arizona?

Now that you're up to date on what living in Arizona is like, are you ready to start planning your big move?

Whatever resource you're looking for, we have just the thing for you! Check out our new Arizona home listings to begin your journey.