how the best real estate agents in yuma are handling coronavirusYuma is a real estate market that people are still putting money into, even in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Because business is still booming, real estate agents are making changes to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Every career comes with adjustments. The best real estate agents today are making adjustments for the coronavirus pandemic.

So, what adjustments are real estate agents making? Keep reading to find out!

They Are Improving Hygiene and Sanitation

Any real estate agent you hire will have to adapt to new strategies for cleanliness and sanitation.

For in-person visits, people are turned away if they have a fever or any signs of illness. Agents are encouraged to run temperature checks.

They need to have hand sanitation stations with at least 70% alcohol. Real estate agents should also increase spending on janitorial services to give it a professional touch of cleanliness. 

People shouldn't stop by for a visit without wearing a mask or face covering.

Virtual Tours Are the New Norm

In the past months, people have started searching for "virtual tours" far more than before.

This will probably keep increasing as people will still be wary of the spread of the virus. There will be new norms in place that won't change for some time. Any remote work that can be done will be encouraged, and virtual tours and Zoom or Skype tours are the easiest immediate change to make.

This includes virtual meetings to close deals and increasing what work can be done to process paperwork and applications.

Aerial Drone Footage Shows off the Neighborhood

Drones are excellent tools for real estate agents today. This lets people view the whole neighborhood and not just the property itself.

Getting aerial footage adds context to where they will be living and helps with the decision.

They Keep up With Stay at Home Orders and COVID-19 Changes

Even though Arizona ended its stay at home order in May, the COVID-19 virus is always a fluid situation.

Real estate agents need to always be prepared for these changing times. That way they won't get shut down or put people at risk.

Aside from laws, Arizona and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) might set out different standards for real estate agents and visitors to follow. If you do business with a real estate agent that is following these standards it can put your mind at ease about their professionalism.

The Best Real Estate Agents Make Adjustments

The most professional real estate agents will always make adjustments with the times. The recent events of 2020 are some of the most unprecedented, so you need a real estate professional that is prepared for COVID-19 and everything that comes with it.

It can help you find a property rental or real estate purchase that is a good fit. Yuma Realty Professionals are the best real estate agents that are ready to work for you. We follow COVID-19 standards and can match you with the right purchase.

Come look at our virtual tours to find a perfect property in Yuma!