5 benefits of hiring a real estate agentThinking about selling your home? With the bustling real estate market here in Yuma, Arizona, it’s a great time to get your home in front of prospective buyers.

While it’s tempting to handle your home sale on your own, most sellers prefer help from someone who knows the ins and outs of marketing and selling a home.

Learn more about 5 benefits of hiring a real estate agent to sell your home.

1. Do You Know the Market?

You may think you understand the market in your neighborhood because you’ve spent time browsing local listings.

A real estate agent does more than browse. They study the market and work with it every day. They also have quick access to numbers.

Realtors keep tabs on home listings, home sales, and current trends. The numbers they use help them make educated recommendations about the listing price for your home.

2. Staging Your Home

Before you ever open your door to potential buyers, your home should look like a showplace. A real estate agent knows how it’s done.

They can take the humblest of homes and make it shine.

well-staged home sells faster and closer to the listing price. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a realtor’s staging expertise?

3. The Multiple Listing Service

Unless you’re a licensed realtor, you won’t have access to the full range of marketing tools needed to sell your home.

The big one is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Once an agent lists a home on the MLS agents everywhere can view your home.

Any seller interested in maximizing exposure wants their home in the MLS database.

4. You Need a Contract Expert

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a real estate agent is that you’ll have a contract guru.

From start to finish, real estate transactions require what seems like a mountain of paperwork including:

  • Buyer’s Agent Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Seller Disclosures
  • Home Inspection Report

There’s more we won’t list here but you get the idea, right? A realtor reads over each contract and keeps track of deadlines so that you don’t miss anything.

5. How Are Your Negotiation Skills?

Most buyers don’t come in with an offer at your listing price. This is where you want a real estate agent who has some mad negotiation skills.

Your agent knows the value of your property. They can help you with counter offers and will negotiate a price with the prospective buyer and their agent.

Selling a home is an emotional event. Emotions and numbers usually don’t make good business partners. A real estate agent can talk numbers without letting feelings get in the way.

More Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

We’ve shared just a few reasons why realtors are key to successful home sales. There are many more benefits of hiring a real estate agent.

Education and professional training prepare agents for every aspect of selling a home. They’re also passionate about helping clients close the deal.

If you’re ready to list your home and want to partner with an agent dedicated to getting it sold, contact us and schedule a free consultation.